Adventure Training

"Where the outdoors becomes the classroom,
and fresh air and exercise are the teachers"
Relax and take a moment to see why we at ROOTS are so passionate about what we do.

We believe that no matter when or where in history you chose to look, success has always relied on the coming together of people. People who act with a single driving force.

Comunication and team work are vital to the success of any venture in life. So much so, we have made it our sole ambition to ensure the world works together to solve its problems, one group at a time.  
Its all too easy now to see the world from the comfort of our own sanctuary; gazing into the screen of our TV, tablet or phone.

We want to help EVERYBODY step outdoors and experience the world around them first hand, in person.

Whether new to the outdoors or looking for the next big adventure, ROOTS will help you.

Get in touch and start your next adventure now!

Team Building

Survival Training

Survival Race

ROOTS provides a unique method of team building that incorporates the history of the local area and the great outdoors.

Tailored to suit your group, a ROOTS team building day will instill in to you the importance of team work and the benefits of cohesion.

Using challenges and scavenger hunts, the team will learn new skills and have to work together to solve the problems set in the time given.

Great fun in a relaxed and informative environment.
ROOTS offers a personalised opportunity for small groups to get to grips with nature and learn to survive in the great outdoors.

Natural navigation, shelter building and fire lighting are all aspects coverered in a ROOTS training camp.

Designed with your abilities in mind we aim to extend your knowledge and further your understanding of the world around you.

Join us for an afternoon, day or weekend to increase your knowledge and learn new skills in a friendly and supportive enviroment.
ROOTS hosts a series of endurance events in the great outdoors of the UK.

Not for the faint hearted, these adventure races offer a special opportunity for runners and fitness enthusiasts to push boundries and learn more about themselves as time hacks are set and challenges have to be completed.

The ROOTS endurance events run across 12, 15 or 24 hours of physical and mental hardship.

Expect to be pushed throughout the event with little to no opportunities to rest or recover.