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Team Training

"​​Navigation, Nature and History are the lessons and the
great outdoors is the classroom."

ROOTS team building is 100% designed around the needs of your team.

No matter how big, or how old your team members are, we can provide the perfect opportunity to unite everyone under the same flag and complete challenges as a team.
To begin with we will provide your team with a short navigation lesson using an OS map and a compass. By the end of the day, the entire group will leave with this vital skill and be equiped to navigate in any situation. 

Using their new navigation skills, the group will then be instructed to follow clues using grid references and seek out puzzles and challenges that need to be completed as a team.

A ROOTS Rafting day
​​These puzzles and challenges vary according to the ability of the group but will always incorporate the great outdoors and the local history. Taking your group back to their ROOTS to forge a team.

By the end of the day our aim is to have a group of individuals get to know one another better in a non formal manner, and form bonds over shared experiences in the great outdoors.