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Up next... LOST DAY

We are back in the stunning Peak District National Park for another DAY of adventure training!

Expect 12 hours of fresh air and exercise as you try and complete all the challenges set by the ROOTS team of Marshals.

The DAY will start as usual with a navigation workshop where even the completely map illiterate among you will learn enough new skills to survive the adventure. From there you will be set against the clock to complete a variety of challenges to avoid the forfeits. Expect to run, climb, crawl and swim you way through this 15-mile challenge. You’ll need more than just your muscles though to avoid the traps set before you. 

A ROOTS DAY is a team based event and we encourage you to attend as an individual or as a group, by the end of the DAY you will have bonded with the other SEEDS in your TRIBE to become an unstoppable force of nature…Maybe.
​​​​The DAY will be broken down in to CHAPTERS and each CHAPTER will begin with a short tutorial on a survival based skill. That skill will then be put straight to the test as a challenge will be set that needs to be completed before the time runs out. Tic Toc, Tic Toc; if the TRIBE fails to complete the challenge in time given then you fail and failure results in forfeits. 

You can expect ROOTS to draw on the local history and surrounding area to pose a tough DAY to get through. But it’s not all hard work. Every good adventure ends with a camp fire and a beer or two. Included in the event, along with the standard finishers shirt and ROOTS medal, is two nights’ accommodation. Four walls, a roof, a warm cot and a hot shower are just the things you want before and after a DAY exploring.

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