Our events have one of two very simple driving forces. The first is to instruct and educate Seeds in how to master their surroundings and awaken their instincts. The other is to provide a platform that requires those instincts to be razor sharp in order to finish.
All events are planed, tested and delivered by our team of Marshals, who come from a wide and varied background. From Mountain Leaders and adventure racers right the way through to Military officers and personnel.
To mark the distinction between the two very different types of event we have named them DAY and NIGHT. This not only allows us to demonstrate the vast difference between the two but also gives a clue to the duration of the events. The DAY is a mere 12 hours but the NIGHT is a full 24 hours.

12 Hours of Adventure Training!

Expect 12 hours of fresh air and exercise as you try and complete all the challenges set by the ROOTS team of Marshals.

The DAY always starts with a navigation workshop where even the completely map illiterate among you will learn new skills to survive the adventure. From there you will be set against the clock to complete a variety of challenges to avoid the forfeits. Expect to run, climb, crawl and swim your way through this 12 mile challenge. You’ll need more than just your muscles though to avoid the traps set before you. 

You can expect ROOTS to draw on the local history and surrounding area to pose a tough but fun DAY to get through. It definitely is not all hard work. Every good adventure ends with a camp fire and a beer or two. Included in the event, along with the standard finishers shirt and ROOTS medal, is two nights’ accommodation with hot shower; just what you want before and after a DAY exploring.

The DAY event is designed to be lighthearted and fun. It is not a survival type of event and we have never had anyone not finish; Tribes dont leave people behind.
​​A ROOTS DAY is a team based event and we encourage you to attend as an individual or as a group. By the end of the DAY you will have bonded with the other Seeds in your Tribe to become an unstoppable force of nature…Maybe.

The DAY will be broken down in to chapters and each chapter will begin with a short tutorial on a survival based skill. That skill will then be put straight to the test as a challenge will be set that needs to be completed before the time runs out. Tic Toc, Tic Toc; if the Tribe fails to complete the challenge in time given then you will face the forfeit.

Take a look at some of the skills you will learn during a ROOTS DAY

24 Hours of Adventure Raceing!

After the morning workout all Seeds must now pass the navigation test. This test will require Seeds to demonstrate a working knowledge of how to operate an OS map and compass. This is a safety requirement. Dont worry if your navigation is a little rusty, we have a series of
FREE tuition videos
to get you racing. They are really easy to follow and we are happy to provide FREE additional support to anyone wanting to learn how to read a map and compass.

The ROOTS NIGHT event is an entierly different experience. The Marshals take a back seat and offer zero help and support as Seeds take on the ultimate
UK survival race.
The NIGHT event will always start with a team based workout. This provides all Seeds with an opportunity to warm up and meet the other Seeds they will be competing against. Its only around 40 minutes long and afterwards everyone gets the opportunity to shower and gear up for the race.
​After passing the navigation test all Seeds will be required to complete one more task as a Tribe. This task will be all about working together and giving back to the local community in some way. Helping rebuild a path, clearing blocked streams, or supporting local farmers. After this task is completed the Tribe must disband and now compete against one another to be the first to cross the finish line. A self navigated, unaided check point race with a challenge to complete at every check point. Chopping logs, climbing trees, scaling cliffs, or diving to the bottom of a pool. From here on you are learning things the hard way!

19th - 21st October 2018 Dartmoor National Park

*For the latest updates check out the event page*

​The ROOTS NIGHT RACE is a 24-hour self-navigated, unaided check point race like no other here in the UK.

There are only 30 slots available for this epic race so pay close attention...

Your ticket as a solo runner, as a pair, or as a team of 4, gives you entry to the race and a bed to retire to when you quit.

Accommodation will be available for you Friday and Saturday night. This allows you to arrive on Friday evening and get a good night’s rest before the race. We will NOT be waking you up in the night, it is not that sort of event. 

You will be responsible for waking yourself in time to have breakfast and start at 07:00 on the dot.

There will be a morning workout for approximately 40 minutes before you get the opportunity to grab a shower and gear up ready for the race.

The race will be broken down in to Chapters and the first chapter will be a mental one as all Seeds will be required to pass a navigation test. All the information you need to pass this test is displayed here on the ROOTS website. You will not be allowed to race if you fail this test.

The second chapter will require all participants to complete a task as one team as we give something back to the stunning environment that hosts us. 

As soon as this task is complete, the team will divide and the race to be the first over the line is on. From here you will be required to complete ALL the chapters within the time limits. These time limits will increase in difficulty as the NIGHT progresses. If you fail to finish a chapter within the time, then your race is over and you can go make use of that bed.

​You will have until 07:00 on Sunday morning to cross the finish line. Then you can eat and rest before the drive home.

2017 saw the very first ROOTS NIGHT RACE event take place on Dartmoor. Seeds slogged it out for 24 hours through the wind and rain but not one of them managed to finish. This is not an entry level race, only the strong and resourceful will survive.

Take a look at the course

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